Valentine’s Day Sayings

“You rev me up” or I ‘wheelie’ like you! – This saying with a small automobile would make for a fun valentine!

“I am hog wild for you” -Anything with a pig (bookmark, decal, trinket) could be adorable with this pronouncing!

“You ‘moo-ve’ me!” – Anything with a cow (bookmark, decal, trinket) could be lovable with this announcing!

“I might ‘quack’ up with out you” – A small rubber ducky could be fun with this pronouncing connected to it’s neck!

“I’m your number one fan” or “I am your biggest fan, or “you blow me away!” – A paper fan or A battery operated personal fan

“You blow me away” – Blow Pop sucker

Valentine’s Day Sayings

“You are the apple of my eye”  – Apples

“You in reality measure up” or “You rule!”  – Ruler or measuring tape

“I’d SNAP on the risk to be your Valentine”

‘Donut’ you recognize I love you! – Donuts

“Our love was ‘mint’ to be” – Mints

“You rock!” or “Have a blast” or “You are a blast” – Who doesn’t love pop rocks sweet!

“You are as adorable as a button!” – button bookmark, button bracelet or button-formed cookies or candy could be cute clipped to a card with this saying

“You are a hottie” – Hot Tamale sweet

“LIB it up this Valentine’s Day” or ” I am MAD approximately you Valentine” – A book of Mad Libs

“I’d constantly choose you” – a bouquet of flora

“I  treasure  your friendship” – Hershey’s Treasures Candy
Cute Sayings for Classroom Valentines

I have used the lovable puns above and created present tags for 50 study room Valentines. All you want to do is visit the store and spot what little trinkets, sweet or food you could locate and then simply connect the little present tag.  There are 12 of the identical tag on every web page.  So in case you are needing adorable Valentines for school room parties or a crowd. I even have taken the training session of it for you.